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We may collect your information that our site is used as far as it is necessary for smooth administration of service (reporting by homepage, inquiry reception desk) to offer in Noto-cho tour guide (we say less than https://www.notocho.jp "our site".). It deals with gleanings within the use purpose appropriately and acts so that it is in homepage that you can use to all of you in peace.

With personal information

We say information (including thing which can distinguish authorized individual by collating with other information) that can distinguish authorized individual by sex, phone number, E-mail address, electronic file, other descriptions on full name, address, the date of birth when we received acquisition, offer through our site.

About collection of personal information

  1. When our association collects personal information through our site, it should be offer (registration) of information by intention of user. In collection of personal information, we will state the collection purpose clearly.
  2. There is page using some cookies on page to provide of our site.
    Because site provider distinguishes computer of user, it is transmitted to browser of user by server, and cookies are information accumulated to computer of user and can collect information such as the visit number of times of computer of the use or page that we visited by using cookies.
    In addition, we do not collect information that can distinguish user individual using cookies at all.
    In addition, we can invalidate function of cookies by setting of browser of user. There is no problem for the use of our site even if we invalidate function of cookies.
  3. We use Google Analytics to grasp the use situation of site in our site. Google Analytics collects information of user using cookies. About explanation about Terms of Use of Google Analytics and privacy policy, look at site of Google Analytics. In addition, about the damage by use of service of Google Analytics, our association shall not take responsibility.

We set a limit to the use of personal information

We will use within the offer (registration) collection purpose that we stated personal information that we had clearly beforehand from all of you. And we use gleanings for purpose except the use purpose by oneself unless there are other special reasons when there is disclosure request based on laws and ordinances when there are illegal acts such as unauthorized access, threat or may not provide to third party.
But we may announce access information of our site, suggestion, opinion to our association and data which it processed about individual attribute to be related to these statistically or opinion.

Management of personal information

About personal information that we collected from all of you, our site webmaster manages severely and takes appropriate measures against prevention such as leak, diversion, manipulation. In addition, we act for safe security using coding communication by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in a part including form when we have users have offer (registration) of personal information through the Internet to follow input information from unjust reading, manipulation.


This privacy policy is applied only in our site (directory which is lower than https://www.notocho.jp).

About review of personal information protection

About the handling of information of user, we review content of each item mentioned above appropriately and are improved.
About this privacy policy, we may revise content without prior notice.

About copyright

All information (sentence, photograph, illustration) publishing in our site and whole site are protected by Copyright Act. We cannot perform reproduction, reproduction, sale without permission of rightful claimant unless it is recognized in Copyright Act about these information.

About link

  1. Link to our site is free in principle, but link from the following site is not accepted.
    • Please do not do that you display our homepage as if it is a part of link former site (e.g.,: indication in frame).
    • Link from site that published illegal contents, and participated in illegal activity or might participate.
    • Link from site where we published contents that against public order and morals or it was admitted that it was harmful to minor or might publish in.
  2. Link setting point assumes top page "https://www.notocho.jp" of our site.
    On text link, please transcribe the site name into "Noto-cho tour guide".