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Mall which attacks station of TSUKUMOWAN Kankokoryu Center squid of this

Do you not experience TSUKUMOWAN?


Long-awaited tourist facility is opened on June 20 by TSUKUMOWAN counted in One-Hundred Views of Japan! There are tourist information center, restaurant providing squid dishes, product sale corner mainly on artefact of squid in facility.

In addition, we add related facility to Malin recreation and can experience kayak and Sapp, sightseeing pleasure boat.




Favorite addition
Address 〒927-0552 18-18-1, Koisaka, Noto-cho, Hosu-gun, Ishikawa
Phone number 0768-74-1399
Business hours 9:00-18:00 (but for the time being 10:00-17:00)
Experience charges

1,100 yen younger than one sea kayaking general 2,200 yen high school student

Sapp    1,100 yen younger than one public 2,200 yen high school student

270 yen younger than one time of Malin boot general 550 yen high school student

TSUKUMOWAN sightseeing pleasure boat passage fare

Adult 1,500 yen 800 yen for children infant 400 yen

※About more than 15 groups, we are 10%% off from the amount of money mentioned above.

Homepage https://ikanoeki.com/

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