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Online makes a tour of sake breweries aimlessly

Three sake breweries (MATSUNAMI brewing, Kazuma brewing, Tsuruno brewing shop) are in Noto-cho that is hometown of Noto chief brewer.
Storehouse cut open and dried event to do performed "sake brewery circulation aimlessly" at the same time in 3 storehouses in June in usual, but, under the influence of new model coronavirus, will carry out "online as sake brewery circulation aimlessly" this time on Sunday, September 13.

Favorite addition
On the date Sunday, September 13 15:00-16:30
Holding place Part 1: YouTube Live Part 2: ZOOM
Reference 0768-62-8526 Noto-cho oldness and promotion section
Homepage https://www.town.noto.lg.jp/www/event/detail.jsp?common_id=15506
Entrance fee

Part 1: Free of charge
Part 2: Pay (we limit visiting sake breweries set buyer aimlessly)


MATSUNAMI brewing: Seiko Kinshichi
Kazuma brewing: Kaichiro Kazuma
Tsuruno brewing: Shintaro Tsuruno

Program and participation method

Part 1 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. YouTube Live (free)
Live streaming is this; ⇒ URL:https://youtu.be/OON8GErZ6uw
●We toast online! (of course sake!)
●There is the sea, and there is mountain, and there is festival! Noto-cho is here
●We talk about individuality in 3 warehousemans, ten minutes!
●In fact, is sake brewery of Noto-cho rival? Are you close?
※You prepare for favorite sake, and please participate.

Part 2 4:45 p.m. - 5:45 p.m. ZOOM (pay limits sake brewery circulation set buyer aimlessly)
Please purchase Part 2 participation ticket with set over sake brewery aimlessly from Peatix.
URL:https://burarisakagura.peatix.com of Peatix
●Q&A with participants
※You prepare for favorite snacks, and please participate.
※Warehouseman will answer question of everybody as far as time permits.
※We change time and, depending on the sale situation of participation ticket, may divide into twice.
※We will tell about ZOOM meeting URL and ID by direct message of Peatix by Thursday, September 10.

Ticket type

●It is Part 2 participation ticket (haisoyu) 3,300 yen with set over sake brewery aimlessly
We will deliver set to home in the beginning of September.
●It is Part 2 participation ticket (we receive in 3 sake breweries) 2,000 yen with set over sake brewery aimlessly
I hand on storehouse, the date and time of hope of 10-17:00 on Friday for from Monday, September 7 to 11th without delivering set.
※We do not sell set to people under 20.

We set over sake brewery aimlessly

Deadline for sale Monday, August 31
60 sets of number of the sale-limited
Shipment contents ●300 ml of MATSUNAMI brewing "Mount Oe recreation pure mijiu"
●300 ml of Kazuma brewing "bamboo leaves purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice straight storage liquor"
●300 ml of Tsuruno brewing shop "valley spring purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice"
●Brochure of 3 sake breweries
●Introduction flyer of liquor
●Noto-cho tourist brochure


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